BC Wine

Eastern Valley Region

The Eastern Valley had a late start as far as wineries were concerned. The very first winery to open its doors in this area was Columbia Valley Classics, 1998, producing fruit wines in the Chilliwack area.

They were joined by the first grape wine producing winery, A'Very Fine Wine Winery, 2002, in the Abbotsford area. This winery was renamed as Lotusland Vineyards the following year.

In 2004 the Kermode Wild Berry Winery was added to this regions wineries, producing berry wines in Dewdney.

In 2005 Columbia Valley Classics was sold and renamed as the Constantin Vasilica Winery.

Campbell's Gold Honey Farm & Meadery opened up in 2007. The first honey wines producer in the Eastern Valley and the first in the Fraser Valley for that matter.

The next year they were joined by the St. Urban Winery in Chilliwack and in 2009 Mount Lehman Winery was licensed in Abbotsford, both producing mainly grape wines.

For more changes and additions of wineries to the Eastern Valley region look at the Wineries by Year section.