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Gulf Islands Region

The Gulf Island wine region is made up out of various island located in the Georgia Strait

The name Gulf Islands was originally intended and applied to the islands at the south end of the Strait of Georgia ranging from Saturna Island in the south up to and including Gabriola Island located off the coast from Nanaimo. Now the islands located within the Georgia Strait up to Quadra Island are considered to be part of the Gulf Islands.

At the present there are 9 islands with wine and/or cider producers.

The first licensed winery of the Gulf Islands is the Saturna Island Family Estate Winery which opened up in 1998. Their first vineyard was planted in 1995 and at present there are four vineyards, occupying 60 acres with 45 acres in mature vines.

A year later, in1999, the Vineyard at Bowen Island opened its door. The first vines here were planted in 1994. This winery closed its doors in 2002 and at the present time there are no wineries located on Bowen Island.

Morning Bay Vineyard and Estate Winery opened its doors in 2005 on Pender Island, closed down in 2012 and reopened under the name Sea Star Estate Farm and Vineyards in 2014. Morning Bay continued on as a Virtual winery for a few more years with their wines made by Bounty Cellars in Kelowna.

At the present there are 13 wineries and cideries located on the Gulf Islands