BC Wine

British Columbia Wineries and Cideries by Year

Wineries and cideries of British Columbia from 1923 to the present time, each year lists the wineries and cideries that were licensed for that year.

Depending on where the information comes from there may be discrepancies on the exact date that certain wineries came into existence or were licensed.

For most of the later wineries the date is based on when they became licensed. From 2011 the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch has been publishing the locations of wine and cider producers. For the previous years we have lists of BC wineries dating back to 2007 and Scholar articles and books let us piece together the previous years.

The listings include Virtual Wineries. For the later years there are quite a few wineries that started off as a Virtual Winery before becoming licensed wineries and had their wines made for them by other wineries. It is possible that some of these were missed at their Virtual stage. A Virtual winery does not require a license and as such their listings are based on what information is provided by their Web site.

There are also a few wineries that started off having a license to produce wines but for some reason decided to go the Virtual route and kind of disappeared without a trace.

If anyone thinks there is an error in the listings, or has an opinion on when and where a certain winery should be listed, please contact us and tell us what and where with the source you got the information from.